Gebr. Bakker Metaal Recycling - Verwerkers van alle soorten metaal


Most companies do not have enough time to focus on non-core activities such as waste streams of metals (ferrous non-ferrous). Gebr. Bakker Metaalrecycling offers you a complete package when it comes to managing waste streams. Besides managing waste streams, Gebr. Bakker Metaalrecycling can provide on the spot solutions and/or high frequency services in sales.

Bakker Metaalrecycling can provide service for:
  • Placing of containers
  • Buying and selling of any kind of metal
  • Buying and selling metal waste products
  • Demolishing
  • Assistance with managing or managing waste streams
  •  24/7 customer service for premium clients

Environmental legislation requires you to manage the waste streams from your company in an orderly manner. The shape of the waste product and the way of sorting is different in every company. The available space and facilities in your company determines if your waste problem is easy or difficult to organize.

Bakker Metaal Recycling b.v. distinguishes itself in the following areas:

  • Relevant knowledge about the processing and recycling of metals
  • Skills to manage and optimize the processes of your internal and external waste streams
  • Reliable logistics service and coordination through transport options and 24 hour service