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Buying and selling metals

Buying and selling metals

Bakker Metaal recycling is interested in buying any kind of metal. The process of buying can be done over the phone with support of video material, samples or physical delivery.

In order to buy metals the weight has to measured. This will be done with a state-of-the-art weighing bridge that can measure up to 60.000kg per time. For amounts under 3.000kg a there are other weighing methods available to insure the accuracy. The measured weight is automatically transferred to a computer system which uses preprogrammed buying prices to print out an organized and clear weighing ticket/invoice.

All materials that enter the facility are carefully separated and stripped so that only clean materials remain. These materials are sorted and stored in sorting boxes, bins, containers and areas.
After this phase the transport to the end user takes place. Of course we can also collect any materials at any location. This way of working ensures that we can always offer competitive prices.

Bakker Metaalrecycling is always customer orientated and we are able to provide customized solutions for any specific wish or need, also when it comes to payment terms.