Gebr. Bakker Metaal Recycling - Verwerkers van alle soorten metaal

The history of Gebroeders Bakker Metaal Recycling

The first generation of the Bakker family started with trading iron and demolishing cars and busses. In 1966 in Doetinchem  Auke Bakker founded Bakker Metaal Recycling. Soon it was clear that Auke Bakker had the right tools to turn the company into a solid organization with regional fame.

In the seventies the son of Auke Bakker joined the company. All throughout his youth, Willem Bakker was present at his father’s company to help him with various chores. His brother Fedde Bakker was also interested in the metal business and eventually the company was transferred to them in 1981.
Willem and Fedde Bakker quickly developed Bakker Metal Recycling. Besides the demolishing of cars and busses and trading iron, they started trading in other metals. In these years the company started expanding. The sons of Willem were introduced in the company and showed that they had the right skills for the business. The expertise of Willem was transferred to his sons in this time.

In 1996 the sons of Willem Bakker took over the company and signed up for the same challenge as their father. With Auke Bakker and Johan Bakker in charge, the company soon had to look for a different location. The old location in Doetinchem had become too small and the number of clients from the Arnhem region was growing. Obviously a facility in Arnhem was chosen to accommodate the range of company activities. At the same time the official name was changed to Brothers Bakker Metaal Recycling.

Since the foundation of Bakker Metaal Recycling the company has had an eventful history. Throughout the years the company has known a steady growth and has changed from a local business to a national player.